TAHNYC Oiless Control Pen

  • $18.00

Oilless is a naturally derived oil-free restorative moisture oil made from jojoba seeds. It deeply hydrates and protects the skin while helping soothe rosacea, acne and highly sensitive reactive skin that cannot tolerate moisturizers or oils. It feels unbelievable, is light, and is completely absorbed by the skin leaving a soft smooth oil-free silky glow. 

The Control Pen gives you full freedom to be precise with your application so you always get the product amount just right. The Control Pen is for face application please how to below.

Oilless is an Oil-Free Oil Alternative and is ideal for all skin types and will make significant impact on overall health of your skin.

Made with love for choosy, finicky, sensitive, picky, acne, I want what I want, super loved skin.

• Oil Free Moisturizer
• Deep Hydration
• Skin Radiance and Healthy Glow
• Protection and soothing
• Sebum control and hydration for Acne prone skin
• Fine Lines & Antiaging
• For all skin types including highly sensitive



Oil free Jojoba Esters, Naturally Derived Dodecane, Sambucus Nigra (Elderberry) Fruit Extract


.35 fl.oz. | 10 ml


Vegan + Cruelty Free